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Traveling the world, being inspired by the worldwide oral tradition and making music to reach humanity as a collective. In this last quarter century, humanity has been digitally connected more than ever.

This made me aware of the loss of oral traditions in favor of new technologies. We express our emotions through our fingers, using capital letters, emojis and “block users” but, we need to shout, cry, and laugh! Breathe to balance our mood.

To use breath control as a mean of dealing with overwhelming feelings of present.

The same spirit led to creation of « PUMZI » compositions

A gathering of vocalists and human beatboxers engaged in polyphonic techniques.

« ECLECTIC BREATH » album (focus on breath),

You will be partly enchanted by the « PUMZI » compositions, and also by other catchy tunes imbued with Afro, Latin and House rhythms.

This record is an elixir crafted to transport us beyond our senses into a unified world.

Moving beyond one’s audible senses to witness the magic of music and breath control. Let the air circulate in our body by practicing polyrhythm methods. Let’s energize our inner power and be zapped!

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