Album 1992 - Adventures in Afropea

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Genres: World, Music, Vocal, Afro-Pop, Worldbeat
Released: 1992
℗ 2003 Luaka Bop

Customer reviews

Who Needs Instruments?
by purplemonkeyelevator
Zap Mama have recorded an incredible full-length album with minimal instrumental accompaniment. This minimalist approach really allows the vocal harmonies and textures to shine. The typical track on this album relies heavily on African-style ostinato patterns, which makes for a very hypnotic disc from start to finish. If you are intrigued by what can be achieved using only the human voice, this is definitely one to check out.

Instruments? We don't need no stinkin' instruments!
by ClockwiseGear
First things first: this album was released way before 2003. It was actually released in 1992 (I have the disc in front of me as I type). Okay. Anyway, this album is GREAT! I strongly recommend this album to anyone who- well, just everyone. All of the tracks are excellently done except for I Ne Suhe, which happens to mostly contain people sneezing and chanting "I Ne Suhe" over and over again. (Why? I don't know.)

One of my favorite albums of all time!
by Muthoni
Me and Goapele used to sing Guzhopela together, and I used to listen to this album straight through on repeat for hours. For those of you who love really good music, you can't go wrong with this album!